(Arrabida Retreat)


Wellness and Learning


Architecture, Interior Architecture


14 units, plus Communal and Learning Spaces




Inside Out


Shortlist, World Architecture Festival 2020 - Future Leisure-led DevelopmentĀ 

Each accommodation unit has been designed as its own individual learning space, a place for retreat, deep thought, and respite. The units are designed to sit in quiet contrast to the landscape but never compete with it. These rooms are singular personal retreats for deep inner work.

The harsh local light is softened by a veil of operable screens, that trim the space to the immediate environment, and allow a multitude of dispositions. During the day, the screens open up, letting the space breathe and become responsive to the natural environmental patterns as well as letting the views, sounds, and smells of the natural park drift in. At night the screens fold back across the face of the room to provide privacy. Read as a set, the 15 rooms will emit a low, warm, dappled glow, like camp fires scattered across the site. Ancient and homely.

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