(Research) (This is) Air, 2023

(A Pavilion that Breathes)

NGV Architecture Commission

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Unknown photographer. Waihōpai Station, 2008. Photograph

Seeking to make the invisible visible, (This is) Air is a large-scale outdoor installation for the NGV 2023 Architecture Commission as part of the Triennial, developed in collaboration with ENESS.


The breathing pavilion is a study about matter, time and connectedness, a spherical form using air as a building material. Breathing a total volume that matches the consumption of one human across one year, the dynamic structure is a call to reconsider our relationship with the air.

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Tomás Saraceno. Aerocene Explorer performance, 2017. Salinas Grandes, Jujuy, Argentina. Photo: Joaquin Ezcurra

Celebrating the cultural, ecological and political dimensions of a shared atmosphere, these insights present a small archive including artists and projects whose research has inspired NB's journey; through the invisible, ethereal, and vital element of air.


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